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Product Description

The Airistech Herbva 5G vaporizer is one of Airistechs newly released portable vaporizer products. This new vape pen is a great option for those looking for a portable vaporizer. It is compact and works great.

The Airistech Herbva 5G vaporizer is a dry herb vape. As with any dry herb vaporizer we recommend that you grind up your herb fairly finely before vaping. You also want to make sure that you do not over pack the heating chamber. For a portable vape pen to function properly the hot air must be able to circulate around the dry herbs. This means that you need to have even sized nugget flakes and a loosely packed heating chamber.

There are some pretty neat features on the new Airistech Herbva 5G vaporizer. First off, it has a universal micro-usb charging port. This means that you can charge your vape with almost anything. Pretty much all vape charging cords will work. Even most Android cell phone chargers will be able to charge this vaporizer.

Secondly, it is really portable. It is only 4.06 in long and 0.94 in wide and 0.83 in High. It will fit easily in your hand or pocket because it is so small.

The third reason that it is so great is the ceramic heating chamber. A ceramic heating chamber is great for low or high temp vaping. Another thing about a ceramic chamber is that it wont affect the flavor of your dry herb.

Right out of the box the Airistech Herbva G5 vaporizer comes with two different mouthpieces. The first mouthpiece is a slim plastic mouthpiece. This is nice to have because it is durable and will withstand an accidental drop. The second mouthpiece is a glass tube mouthpiece which wont off-gas any flavors into your vapor.


1.The Newest Dry Herb of Airistech with Advanced Technology.
2.The Most Mini Dry Herb Pen in the World
3.Two Options for Mouthpiece: Flat Mouthpiece/Glass Mouthpiece
4.Pure Ceramic Heating Chamber.
5.Three Temperature Settings: 390F/405F/420F
6.1000 mAh Big Capacity Li-Polymer Battery.
7.Three Minutes Auto-power off Protection Function.
8.Universal Micro USB Charging Port.


Name - 2018 Airistech Herbva 5G Dry Herb Vaporizer
Capacity - 1000mAh Li-polymer Battery
Compatible - For Dry Herb
Size - 4.06 H x 0.94 W x 0.83 H in
Color - White, Black, Red
Baking Temps - 390F, 405F, 420F
Baking Time - 15 Seconds
Turn On/Off - 5 Times Click on Power Button
Charging port - Micro Usb Charging Port
Automatically Turn Off - 3 Minutes Shutoff (Safety Feature)
Heating Chamber - Fully Ceramic Heating Chamber
Heating Method - No Combustion, Baking Technology
Mouthpiece - Flat Mouthpiece and Glass Mouthpiece


1 Herbva 5G device
1 Flat mouthpiece
1 Glass mouthpiece
1 USB charging cable
1 Cleaning brush
1 Dab tool
1 User manual
1 Gift box

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